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May 2021 Kiwikiu Fundraiser!

Updated: May 16, 2021

To donate: GoFundMe

Birds Hawaiʻi Past Present in partnership with many other people and organizations is running a fundraiser/raffle/giveaway to benefit four non-profits working to conserve the Kiwikiu, a critically endangered Hawaiian forest bird. The bird with the greatest risk of extinction in Hawaiʻi and possibly the world.

Please help support the efforts to bring awareness and provide assistance to the plight of our most imperiled bird: the kiwikiu. Kiwikiu is an incredible honeycreeper that is endemic to the island of Maui. At one point their populations flourished and they could be seen all throughout the island (and even on Molokaʻi!). However, in the early 1800s when new diseases and mosquitoes were introduced, kiwikiu were forced into their stronghold deep in the rainforests of Haleakalā. The kiwikiu is currently at the greatest risk of extinction out of all 33 Hawaiian bird species currently listed as endangered. Their population is estimated at JUST 157 individuals and they have been predicted to go extinct as soon as 2026. Hawaiʻi is the endangered species and extinction capital of the WORLD and the most recent species to have fallen victim to extinction was in 2004. This bird, the Po’ouli, was also a Maui native, and its last known specimen died in captivity.

We are at a nexus in Hawaiian bird conservation and it is truly now or never to take action to save the kiwikiu. If we don't take action now to save the kiwikiu they will be the next bird species to go extinct. Please join me and contribute in whatever capacity you can. Share this fundraiser, share this petition to keep the birds in Hawaiʻi, donate a dollar, call a wealthy relative and ask them to contribute, donate an item for the giveaway. For too long we have relied solely on the scientists and conservationists to save the birds, and they simply cannot do it alone. Only as a lāhui (united community), we can make a difference and bring an end to extinction in Hawaiʻi. Check out Birds of Hawaiʻi Past Present on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok for more information and to keep updated on the latest fundraiser details.

Fundraiser rules.

Every person who contributes or shares the original fundraiser link, will be entered into the overall fundraiser giveaway, but in order to be entered for specific raffle items participants need to share the post featuring that item and need to specify in their donation that they would like to be considered for that item. Please follow @birds_hawaii_pastpresent on Instagram for the most up to date rules and items!

Give away:

No donation is needed to qualify. Simply share the fundraiser link and tag @birds_hawaii_pastpresent on Facebook or Instagram. Be sure to send an email or DM of your share/contribution to be entered to win.

If you make a donation you will get a 2nd entry into the giveaway.

Online raffles:

Throughout the month there will also be an opportunities to donate to be entered to win specific items.

These raffle type giveaways will feature single items. Participants can gain one entry for sharing the post on social media (Tag @birds_hawaii_pastpresent) and can gain one additional entry for every $5 donated to the non-profits or to the site GoFundMe (

Be sure to DM me the shared post if your account is set to private!

As much as possible I encourage people to donate directly to the four organizations that will be supported by this fundraiser, but there will also be a link to a GoFundMe page set up in my bio. To qualify, donate to the GoFundMe, and email ( or send @birds_hawaii_pastpresent a DM

of your donation receipt on Instagram, and of course gain extra entries for sharing any of the posts and tagging the Instagram page! And just to drive it home no purchase is necessary to receive items.

Mahalo again for all the help and to everyone who has contributed so far! Check out the story and highlights throughout the month for item updates and winners!

The non-profits:

The American Bird Conservancy Birds Not Mosquitoes Program (Donate here: ABS Hawaiʻi 1. Click on the link, 2 Click the box for “In Honor or In Memory of Someone”, and then write “Hawaii Mosquitoes” in the honoree text box it will go to the Hawai’i Program’s Mosquito Project).

Giveaway Items:

Pixel bird backpack from Native Hawaii Designs - $50 Value

This backpack has it all... ALL of the current pixel birds in the collection, heavyweight canvas, adjustable straps, and oh so many pockets! It's a medium-sized backpack, measuring 10.2"(L) x 3.9"(W) x 14.9''(H). Good for daily use and day trips. I kept a part of this backpack solid grey to provide some nice real estate for displaying pins and/or patches!

Birds found in this design: ‘I‘iwi, ‘Apapane, Palila, ‘Akepa, Kiwikiu, ‘Akohekohe, ‘Akiapola‘au, O‘ahu ‘Elepaio, ‘Akikiki, Koae‘ula, Nene, ‘Ua‘u, Manuoku, Ae‘o, ‘Alae‘ula, Pueo, ‘Iwa, ‘Auku‘u, and ‘Alala.

Pixel Bird tote bag from Native Hawaii Designs - $40 value

This lined, heavyweight canvas bag has a zipper closure as well as front, back, and inner pockets. This bag has a bright teal background and yellow straps.

Design features native forest birds from multiple islands including Hawai‘i Island's Palila and ‘Akepa, Maui's Kiwikiu and ‘Akohekohe, O‘ahu's ‘Elepaio, and Kaua‘i's ‘Akikiki

Measures: 19"(L) x 4.9"(W) x 13.9''(H). Machine washable.

Hawaiian vowel pin collection from Kūlia Pins - $70 value

Woela Collection Manu Series pins are 1 inch in diameter.

A - ʻĀkepa

E - ʻElepaio

I - ʻIo

O - ʻŌʻō

U - ʻUaʻu

Jon Ching ʻĀkohekohe Print - $55 Value

16"x16" with a printed area of 14"x14", which is just slightly smaller than the original. High density, archival inks are used on heavy weight, all-cotton, hot pressed paper, creating a very long lasting, fade resistant print.

Signed and open edition. Because of the size, this print will be shipped in a sturdy shipping tube, packaged and protected with acid free materials.

Jack Jeffery Original ʻIʻiwi 11X14 print, matted and signed.

Aloha grown pack - $60 value

ʻIʻiwi hat, and logo mask/sticker

ʻAlalā and ʻElepaio patches - Valued at $20 each

8X10 ʻIo Print by Kathleen Myers Baumgardner - $50 value

Metal Print Juvenile ʻElepaio by Kathleen Myers Baumgardner - Value $100

ʻĀkepa and ʻAmakihi stickers - Valued at $3 Each - Receive one ʻākepa and one ʻamkakihi

2 inch round and 3 inch cut out stickers.

Susan Dierker Albatross plushies One adult and one chick and the Albatross of Kauaʻi Book - $55 value

$200 Tommy Bahama Gift Card

$50 Visa Gift Card

Original ceramic functional art cheese boards - $75

Hand made and hand painted by @bohobeing Kimberly De Souza

Kiwikiu in Koa leaves

11X14 Kiwikiu Metal Print - $120 value by Bret Nainoa Mossman

12X12 Canvas Mōlī print by Hob Osterlund - Value $75

5X7 Kiwikiu Print on Archival Matte Paper by KaHānioke - $35 Value

Individual Raffle Items:

These items will be available during short raffles throughout the month of May. Keep an eye on Birds Hawaiʻi Past Present on Instagram! This page will update as new Items are put up on Instagram.

May 4th to May 7th

"This print comes from one of my very favorite paintings from my 2018 show, Ho’olaule’a: a celebration, at Cactus Gallery in Los Angeles, which focused on endangered species. It depicts the Kiwikiu (Maui Parrotbill), an endemic and critically endangered honeycreeper only found on the island of Maui. It’s perched on the Hahā (Cyanea superba), part of the belllflower family which comes from my home island of O’ahu and is extinct in the wild. Behind is a pattern of the Haha I came up with that references Hawaiian quilts, an iconic Hawaiian motif that’s inspired by the local flora.

16"x16" with a printed area of 14"x14", which is just slightly smaller than the original. High density, archival inks are used on heavy weight, all-cotton, hot pressed paper, creating a very long lasting, fade resistant print.

Signed and open edition. Because of the size, this print will be shipped in a sturdy shipping tube, packaged and protected with acid free materials." Jon Ching

May 10th to May 14th

|Ke Kūʻokoʻa|

Species featured: ʻAlalā (Corvus hawaiiensis) and Pilo (Coprosma rhynchocarpa)

9”x12” original block print with hand-painted accents, acrylic on paper (no matte)

Handmade by

Artist statement |Ke Kūʻokoʻa: independence, liberty, freedom; independent, free. The coral polyp is a representation of independence, as a seed of life that is carried by the ocean currents to settle and build a reef. The pilo fruit is similar visually and symbolically to a coral polyp. Observations of ʻalalā foraging on their ancestral foods (such as pilo) in the wild offer hope that ʻalalā can be independent from humans in the future, despite that the wild population was recently brought back into the conservation breeding program.

To learn more about the ʻalalā, check out the ʻAlalā Project website and social media:


E hoʻolāʻau hou ka ʻAlalā | May the ʻAlalā thrive once again in their forest home

Sunday May 16th - Friday May 21st

Kiwikiu inspired lei hulu (feather lei)

This piece is valued between $300 and $400 and is made of dyed goose feather and some died rooster hackle accents.

Feather leis take a massive amount of time and effort to construct, and are heirlooms for generations.

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