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What is Birds Hawaiʻi Past Present?

Our Mission

Birds of Hawaiʻi Past Present was started by Bret Nainoa Mossman after completing an internship with the Pacific Internship Programs for Exploring Science (PIPES). Bret saw that there was a deep interest in the native birds of Hawaiʻi but there was very little access for people to develop this passion. Because of the rarity and lack of access to these birds it is very difficult to build a connection to them. Birds Of Hawaiʻi Past Present was created on social media to try and address this by bringing images, behaviors, and histories of the birds to everyone through platforms that we use every day.

Hawaiʻi is the endangered and extinct bird capitol of the world. Over 77 species have disappeared from the islands and over half of the surviving species are federally listed. Invasive disease carrying mosquitoes, mammalian predators, and habitat loss have given the islands this title, but through supporting on the ground conservation and bolstering outreach, we can change the tide and save our remaining species from extinction.

The birds must always come first. Birds Hawaiʻi Past Present has already raised over $39,067 for conservation organizations and researchers on the front lines fighting to save birds in Hawaiʻi. The goal of this shop is to expand on the successes on social media and generate more support for conservation groups working to protect some of the rarest and most imperiled birds in the world. This site is committed to donating a minimum of 45% of all proceeds made to different conservation projects around Hawaiʻi.

Please consider a direct donation to the organizations below or purchase a product that will contribute to one of these great projects. Mahalo nui for your support!

Kauaʻi Forest Bird Recovery Project

Hawaiʻi Wildlife Center

Three Mountain Alliance 

Pacific Rim Conservation

Friends of Hakalau Forest

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