BHPP Logo Trucker Hat

BHPP Logo Trucker Hat


Screen printed logo camo trucker hat. Snap-back for easy size adjustment. Limmited stock available.


This logo design by Rae Okawa captures the full diversity of the birds of Hawaiʻi.

The birds in the logo include: Kōlea, ʻAlae ʻula, ʻIo, Pueo, Mōlī, ʻUaʻu, Oʻahu ʻElepaio, Puaiohi, Hawaiʻi ʻĀkepa, ʻĀkiapōlāʻau, ʻAkikiki, Kiwikiu, Palila, ʻĀkohekohe, ʻIʻiwi, Nēnē ʻAlalā, ʻōʻū, and Oʻahu ʻōʻō. 


This is a mix of forest birds, shorebirds, waterbirds, raptors, common species, endangered species, and extinct species representing birds that can be found accross the Hawaiian Islands. 


30% of the proceeds from these hats will go to the Friends of Hakalau Forest and 15% will go to benefit the Hawaiʻi Wildlife Center.